Fitting your vehicle with our specialist wrapping film will not damage your car’s paintwork. If your car already has starches, stone chips or abrasions, the wrap will cover these. However, they may still appear through the wrapping material. Any loose paintwork, rust or abrasions may be pulled loose when the vinyl wrapping is removed. Vinyl wrapping does however shield your paintwork from abrasions, strong chips and the weather, protecting your car’s resale value.
A complete vehicle wrap is usually more effective, although a combination of digitally printed wrap and colour change film can create a stunning alternative if required. Our state of the art HP latex printing equipment allows us to produce wraps for specific parts of your vehicle.
At Wraps101 we only use the highest quality films to ensure that they can be easily removed from your vehicle. Our post cleaning process ensures any residual adhesive is completely removed from your paintwork.
You will require a good quality standard of finish to your existing panels, and you must disclose to the Wraps101 team any panels that have been repainted or repaired. If your existing paintwork is of poor quality, it may be damaged when the wrap is applied or removed.
Our high quality wrapping material will usually last between 3 and 5 year, although many of our happy customers have reported that they have exceeded this.
All our digital wraps are designed using a mixture of Adobe design software. As a preferred HP print partner we print all our digital wraps using state of the art HP latex printing machines. Our digital wraps are created using a mixture of Adobe design software, before being printed on our industrial leading HP latex printing equipment to ensure exceptional quality.